Recipe in a Pot

edit-DSCN2581Pick your favorite one-pot, or one-pan dish and provide all the non-perishable materials a family would need to prepare that meal. Everything from salt and a can of diced tomatoes, to a knife, spatula, and baking pan. Don’t forget to include a recipe card so the family can quickly and easily prepare the meal.

As our busy parents work and attend school to improve their futures, meal time can become a daily struggle. Many families had to leave their belongings behind or simply didn’t have many when they became homeless. This includes basic kitchen essentials like pots, pans, spatulas, silverware, plates, cutting boards, etc. Think about all the tools you use to prepare a meal each night. Now imagine trying to serve your family with just one pot and one spoon. This is the reality for many families facing homelessness. This is why we need you to help make holiday meals a time for joy rather than stress by donating a recipe in a pot! Consider adding a gift card to purchase fresh ingredients.

Download Minestrone Recipe

Download Blank Recipe Cards

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